Choctaw County Board of Education

The Choctaw County Board of Education desires to be responsive to problems, complaints, ideas, and requests brought to its attention by local citizens pertaining to the operation of schools. In order for the board to effectively address issues, citizens are required to comply with the following board policy:

FILE: BCBD - AGENDA - The Board shall direct the Superintendent of Schools to prepare or cause to be prepared an agenda for regular board meetings. Items of business may be suggested by board members, administrative staff, employees, school patrons, or lay citizens of the school district for inclusion on the agenda. Business items proposed
by school patrons and lay citizens shall be submitted in written form and received in the office of the Superintendent of Schools at least five calendar days prior to the meeting date. Items of business may not be suggested from the floor for discussion except at the discretion of the Chairman or by a majority vote of board members present.

SOURCE: Choctaw County Board Schools Policy Manual

DATE OF ADOPTION: 6-22-87 - It is the official policy of the Choctaw County Board of Education that no person shall on the grounds of race, color, disability, sex, religion, national origin or age be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity, or employment.

NOTE: Persons interested in speaking during public participation should sign-up prior to the board meeting and indicate the reason they wish to speak. The presiding officer will determine time and procedure limits.

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