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All schools in Choctaw County operate Title I Schoolwide Programs. These programs provide all students who attend schools within the school district the same access to all programs for which they qualify. Instructional services are not limited to low-performing, low income students. Therefore, the Choctaw County School System welcomes input from all of its parents in the development, implementation, and evaluation of its Title I programs. Parents are asked to take a few minutes to read the district’s Title I Plan which is available in the Documents section of this webpage. Parents can review the CIP for their children’s school on the appropriate school’s webpage.   

Parent concerns regarding an individual school’s CIP, the school’s use of its portion of the 1% set aside for parental involvement activities, the school district’s Title I Plan, district’s use of its portion of the 1% set aside for parental involvement activities, and/or the district’s Parental Involvement plan should follow the established complaint process.

Those in disagreement should first contact their respective school administrator to submit their written concern(s) and suggestion(s) for resolution. If the matter is not resolved at the school level, the principal will refer the parent to the district’s Federal Programs Director. In the event the matter cannot be settled at the district level, the parent’s written concern(s) and suggestion(s) for resolution will be submitted to the State Department of Education Federal Programs Section via the local Federal Programs Director.

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The Federal Programs Department administers federally funded education programs: Title I, Part A (Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantage; Title II, Part A (Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals); and Title VI, Part B (Rural Education Initiative). It provides technical assistance to schools  by promoting, supervising, and coordinating educational these programs. Federal Programs also provides technical assistance to schools in developing, revising, and implementing their Schoolwide Continuous Improvement Plans.  The department is also instrumental in providing district level parent empowerment sessions and assisting schools with providing parental involvement workshops.